The Anthony Mackie You Should Know

For some reason Anthony Mackie has been on my mind a lot lately.  It's really kind of a strange thing.  I read an article once about people searching for the meaning of their dreams.  In a funny, matter of fact, let me enlighten you type of way, the author said, "Just because you are dreaming about Brad Pitt, does not mean that Brad Pitt is dreaming about you."  So I write this knowing that Anthony is probably not thinking about me.  It's not that he doesn't know me, in fact, Anthony and his friend Austin Taylor saved me from a potentially dangerous trip to Bedsty, Brooklyn a few years back.  After that we quickly became friends and would hang out when I was in New York.  It was fun to see him and his friends taking a huge bite out of the Big Apple.  They were young, free, and as southern gentlemen, very popular on the social scene.

On one such trip, I found myself at an event with Anthony where we stumbled upon the topic of collecting art.  As it turns out, he and I bought from the same gallery, The Stella Jones Gallery, in New Orleans.  After the event, he invited me to his condo to see his collection.  I was floored!  You could not step into his condo without stepping over magnificent works of art.  The pieces in his collection were very thought provoking and in a subtle way, reflective of a part of him that I had only recently gotten glimpses of.

Life happened and I didn't go to New York for a while and Anthony's career was taking him to new heights, so we lost contact.  It wasn't until after Hurricane Katrina, while watching HBO's "When the Levees Broke" by Spike Lee that he crossed my mind again.  All of the guys in my New York group were from New Orleans, so as the news of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina rolled in, they were at the forefront of my mind.  I learned from the documentary that Anthony's father and step mother died during the flooding.  I cried for him that evening.  There was an amazing amount of detail about Anthony's family shared in the documentary, mainly because the story was shared by Anthony's brother, Calvin.  As I learned about his family and their strong ties to the community, Anthony and his art collection came to mind again.

They say you can learn a lot about a person, by what they place value in.  After learning about his family, the pieces in Anthony's collection started to demonstrate his deeper connection to the world.  His father was well known in the community and would often help his neighbors out however he could.  His brother Calvin, the PHD, no doubt educated him and challenged him and pushed him to see the world in the real way that he does.  Anthony was always happy in those New York days.  Always positive.  Always sure. He dressed with the confidence and swagger of a gentleman, while surrounding himself with lively people and lively conversation.  He also connected to New York in a real way, floating between Brooklyn and Manhattan with the ease of a person comfortable in any surrounding.  He knew all kinds of things and all kinds of people.  His life was woven full of colors and textures and light, just like the art in his collection.

Anthony came across my radar again yesterday as I flipped though videos in the store, looking for one for my daughter.  He's doing even better than I could have imagined.  As I scooped Skylar into my arms and turned for the checkout lane, I vowed to keep tabs on Anthony from now on.  To support him, to pray for him, and to encourage him.  Of course he may never know this, but I'll do it anyway.  It's the least I could do for someone who has touched and inspired my life as much as he has.

Look for Anthony Mackie as one of Anna Faris' nineteen ex-boyfriends in her new movie "What's Your Number?" In theaters Friday September 30th.


  1. I can imagine what his condo looks like… Art has always been my passion ever since I was a kid. I wish I can also attend an event where my fave artist is! I think his works are so fragile that he didn’t let you take photos of ‘em… Well, that’s okay. We have to protect the things we truly love. :D

  2. He is quite amazing and very memerable. Thanks for your interest and comments. I appreciate it.


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