The 2011 International Best Dressed List

Fashion is in the air.  While over at Vanity earlier today, I noticed that three of my favorite people were featured on their International Best Dressed List.  First are the Obamas.  You know that we love Michelle Obama. Has a month gone by that I haven't mentioned her?  She and President Obama were listed under best dressed couples.  I love this! You know how I feel about a well-dressed man.  Mrs. Obama always looks amazing.  I love the risks that she takes with fashion. She's in my fashion Hall of Fame. Next is Shala Monroque.  Her personal style just oozes out.  She is so fearless when it comes to fashion. Just check her out in this fushia gown and royal blue turban. She was featured in the Vogue best Dressed edition and shows no signs of slowing down. Quite simply... She Rocks!  Love her!  Finally, I love, Love, Love Janelle Monae.  How can one person do so much with black and white? Do you guys realize that she has ascended to international best-dressed status by wearing primarily black and white.  This means that she has mastered shape, fit and detail. There's so much I can learn from that type of discipline. She always looks polished and perfect. To see who else made the list visit


  1. I luuuv Janelle Monae's style too. Its no wonder she is international.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my blog. I must say I am very honored to be a part of your blog roll!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend...

  2. Did they leave me off by mistake????? :-)


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