"If You Live In a Place Like This... What's There to Fight About?" - Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and The City

The Home of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith via Architectural Digest

My mother often jokes that if she and my dad were to separate, she'd have a curtain installed down the middle of the house.  "If he stays on his side, I'll stay on my side!", she'd exclaim.  Sooo with all the breakup rumors floating around about Will and Jada, I'm gonna count on their beautiful Malibu estate to keep them together.  Whatever issues they are facing, I'm sure it's nothing a conversation and a bottle of wine on the bedroom terrace can't handle.  Couldn't you just imagine Jada storming out with the kids just as this issue of Architectural Digest was delivered to her home?  As she heads for the Bentley she catches a glance of the cover.  Remembering the remarkable rooms along with the love and care that went into selecting every single item in the home, thinks to herself, "What am I doing?  I'm tripping.  TMZ will not make me leave this house.  In fact , if there is another woman, she can just move into the guest house and stay out of my way."

Bedroom terrace where any and all problems can be worked out.

For more information on the house that love built, pick up the September Issue of Architectural Digest.  There you'll find information on where to buy the fabulous items selected for the Smiths as well as information on the designer, Stephen Samuelson, who put all of this together.  


  1. Thanks for sharing! I read about this feature and wanted to check out their place. They have plenty of seating, don't they?

  2. Yes they do. But with kids and friends and the kid's friends- things can get a little crowed. Take it from me, I'm from a large family and there can never be too much seating. Beth at www.Mychicmyway.com scanned in the other images of the space. If you don't pick up the magazine, be sure to go over to her blog and check them out.


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