What Happened to Tameka Raymond's Home Boutique?

After months of procrastination, I put it on my calendar and finally made my way out to Roswell, Georgia to check out Tameka Raymond's home boutique.  Before I start let me be clear.  I'm a fan of Tameka Raymond as a stylist.  I know that many people have strong opinions about her and the whole Usher thing.  Personally, I don't understand all the fuss.  I read an article about the boutique opening and wanted to check it out.  First of all,  I was surprised that it was not on Roswell Road in Buckhead but was actually in Roswell, Georgia.  I almost didn't make the trip just thinking about the journey.  So you can image how disappointed I was after arriving at the shop to find that the home boutique had been closed.  Sigh!  Now I know that I'd put the visit off, but seriously, to have closed up shop in less than a year?  I was so disappointed.  I went ahead and ventured into the clothing boutique to see if I could get some answers (and some AC since it is the middle of August and it was far).  The clerk gave me her pre-rehearsed reason for the home boutique's closure, but after looking around, I could tell the real reason.  Tameka is better at picking clothes than she is home goods.  
What we love about our favorite home boutiques is the unique point of view that the owner brings to the table.  Everything from the items they choose to the color palette that's represented, reflects the owners' personal taste and flair for design.  It's why we go there and look around when we need that special something, but don't know what it is until we see it.  From what I could gather from the few home boutique items that were in the back of the store, the Estella Home Boutique offerings were not special at all.  Nothing about them said Tameka Raymond, style and trend setter.  I was so sad.  I expected drama from Tameka.  Unexpected elements, fun and interesting mixes of color and textures.  I got nothing.  
Tameka probably had the same thought that most people do.  She probably thought, "I have good taste and I know what I like, so let me venture into home decor".  It just doesn't work like that.  I'll bet if asked she'd say she spends countless hours educating herself on the latest denim and the hottest new fashion accessories.  In order to have a successful home boutique she would have to put the same time and effort into choosing draperies and vases as she does belts and ballgowns.  Above are some images from the clothing boutique.  Not bad right?  The chandelier is my favorite feature of the space. The home store closed with little, if any, notice by the public...I guess it's just as well.  


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