I'm So Bad A#$

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I'm adding this picture to my "So In Love" tab because I feel like you would have to be pretty bad-ass to wear this little number.  Lately, I've started to realize that people are not comfortable with bad-ass females.  There's a chic in my gym class who I think is pretty cool.  I like that she goes straight to the front of the class and lays her mat out like she's come to play.  From time to time when there's a substitute instructor, you can catch her pushing herself to stay just as much in step with her as she does with our regular instructor.  I overheard some girls in the back whispering, "She's so competitive."  For some reason, I turned and said, "So what?  What's wrong with her being competitive?"  As if it has to be competitiveness, not confidence, that nudges her to the front of the class.  I've noticed her struggling with a new routine, but that doesn't change her techniques.  She lands the moves and before long, is in perfect form.  I don't talk to her.  I already have a hard time in any kind of aerobics or dance class.  SO, I stay safely in the back with the backbiting haters, challenging myself to make it to the front of the class.  You always hear there's safety in numbers, but on the other hand, eagles always soar alone.  Maybe this week I'll walk boldly in to class and place my mat down right next to the girl's mat.  Well okay...maybe I'll put it on the row right behind her mat (baby steps folks, baby steps).  I adore strong, confident women.  They've learned not only to take the risk and endure undue criticism in stride, but to also look powerful while doing it. 


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