Too Good To Pass Up

I'm over-committed!  I literally, have more art than I have space for.  I can't help it.  When I see something I love, I have to own it.  Now, this has been problematic in the past.  I've started the process on an expensive piece only to find that it took significant sacrifices to finally finish paying for it.  
I am definitely not the designer for big box store art.  I designed a condo for some guys in Buckhead and they insisted on art from a local store.  They were so proud of the selections that we settled on.  That is, until they started seeing it pop up in other people's homes. 
In my opinion, it's a common misconception that special art has to be expensive.  I have both in my collection.  I have pieces that cost the same as a great used car and pieces that are a few hundred bucks.  Today I purchased two limited edition prints by Vincenzo Rizzo after reading a post about the artist on Beth D. Smith's new blog -My Chic My Way.  I simply could not pass them up.  Hmm...maybe I can find a place for them in my office.  I'll post pics when I get them in and framed.


  1. Anonymous19 July, 2011

    I need to know as soon as you get them in!!!

    - Beth from My Chic My Way


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