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You know what it is.  It's the truth that says yes, you can give up drinking as long as you're not at a bar.  Jay-Z compares shopping to doing drugs and now that I've laid my eyes on Gucci's Huston high heel platform Mary Jane pumps, I'm officially in remission.  You see, I've made a lot of money in my life and spent even more on things.  In recent years, I've decided to be more responsible...and for years it has worked.  However, what I've noticed lately is that there are more amazing things on the market than ever before!  So technically, I haven't exercised any personal restraint, there just haven't been as many compelling things to tempt me.  The sight of these shoes, pulled me right out of denial and started me to thinking just how many consultations I'll have to do or clients I'll have to retain in order to buy not one pair, but three of the six colors that Gucci has introduced this season.

Mary Janes are my favorite shoes.  Hands down, my absolute first love.  So, as a test to my will power they're back.  I refuse to fight it.  The pull was so strong, that I followed up on a lead today and got him to write the retainer check after just 30 minutes.  It's a new-found desire.  Even more so than me wanting a new client to pay my rent.  Paying bills doesn't motivate me.  I'm not living in fear of not having my house, my car or my cell phone service.  What motivates me is anything that's exciting.  So right now, I'm planning to buy the shoes in several fabulous colors.

So, that one decision to actually buy those shoes, got me to thinking about all the things that get my blood pumping.  I figured that I really love meeting interesting people.  People who are living life and enjoying their journey.  This is another energy that I can't help but be attracted to.  So, I have to push.  I have to keep saying, "Make a move, do something!"  Find that thing that gets your blood pumping and over indulge.  Deciding to buy those shoes, caused me to focus on landing a client.  Made me look at my wardrobe to see what else I'd need to buy to go with those shoes.  That thought led me to clean out my closet and donate the tattered jeans and stretched out t-shirts that I had started to leave home in more often than not.  Since, I was going to meet a guy with great style and convince him to retain me so I could buy those shoes, I had to do my hair and pull out a great dress.  By the way, since the closet was clean, I decided to paint it and finally get those slim hangers that I recommend to everyone.   ALL of  this because of the new collection from Gucci.

I LOVE it!  I love that people are out creating things that they love, that I can now fall in love with and create stuff that in turn inspires me to create.  It's all so magical!


  1. I love the plum suede platforms, but wouldn't get far without falling!

  2. oh my goodness those shoes are worth the price for all the good thought process they engineered!

  3. I KNOW. I'll post when I get them. So excited still!


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