HGTV Design Star Season 6- Time to Chose your Favorites

Is it possible to be in reality show overload? Not if you love interior design!  I personally can't wait to take a break from the cat fights and high class drama for some creative competition.  Competition is good right?  I mean how else will you know what you're made of until you are pitted against eleven other designers who think that they’re the hottest things smoking?  I can tell from previous seasons that some people are in it to be TV stars, while others are truly budding design stars.  I was able to flip through some of the designers’ portfolios today, and man, this crew has talent!  I certainly don't envy them at all.  I’m especially loving the diversity of the designers represented this season.  Adore the mix!  I'm not making any predictions, but look out for Mark Diaz and the other contestants who bring a lot of commercial and retail design experience to the competition.  They definitely know what it takes to wow large audiences.  It's Season 6 and we're expecting to be moved.  Bring on the thunder!
Image Design Star Contestant Cathy Hobbs 
Design Star Contestant Doug Hines
Design Star COntestant J Allen
HGTV Design Star Season 6 Premiers On Monday July 11 at 9/8c


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