Definitely Watching the Throne!

Okay.  I am a self-proclaimed Jay-Z fanatic.  Can't help it, I just am.  I put a quote from his third album on my business card back in 2003. "The Crib's Got Killer Views and Square Feet, You'd have to film MTV Cribs for a Week."  Come on, I was designing for 23 year-old millionaires, how could I not use that quote?  I am also a self-proclaimed Kanye West  fan.  He's so creative!  So with that being said, I LOVE their collaboration "Watch the Throne".  In a surface way OTIS is by far my favorite.  The beat is crazy and I love Otis Redding.  "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" is actually in my playlist right now.  But on  a deeper level, I am in love with "Illest MF Alive".  Now, I bet you are wondering how I can like a song whose title I can't even spell out on my blog.  It's just that I love the message.  Oprah introduced you guys to Decoded last year, so I will proceed with the expectation that you know what I am talking about.  
The back side of my early business card.
This time, hidden in the bottle popping excess is a message about collecting art and evolving your life.  Embracing your style and beauty and abandoning the traditional standards of beauty.  I'm all in!  I love the travel references and the rags to riches stories.  Love it all.  So, it doesn't bother me that they are enjoying the fruits of their labor and reaping the rewards of years and years of hard work!  Congratulations guys!  Great collaboration!   


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