Are You Throwing Me Shade?

The Queen of Cool Sunglasses Amber Rose
My 12 year old niece was going out. We're in Mississippi so it was over 100 degrees today. So I said to her, (pulling my Tom Ford sunglasses from my head), "Here take these".   She was like, "I have sunglasses, and besides, those are old lady sunglasses."  Seriously? Okay so, they weren't the neon yellow Ray-ban Wayfares she pulled from her bag, but they are freaking hot!
Kids think that they have the patent on cool.  I think that my friends and I are a pretty stylish group.  Of course we can't  be up on everything. We have jobs, households and are spending our own money.  Just the other day, my friend Jada showed up for cocktails wearing the Dolce and Gabbana Mirror Aviators 2075.  Not the regular ones you can get at Saks or Neimans, but the mirrored ones that had to be special ordered straight from Milan.  The difference is  when you're cool as an adult, it's because you're innately cool and not because all your friends are doing something and you do it too. And by the way,  I noticed last week at Neimans that the Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses were the best seller.  Really???  I had a pair in both red and pink more than 6 years ago.  Where are the cool points for being ahead of the curve little niece of mine?  

D & G Mirror Aviators 2075
Tom Ford Yvette Sunglasses

RayBan Wayfare Sunglasses 


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