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My sister was sharing her favorite things with us long before Oprah made it the holy grail of giveaways. It always comes unexpected and just because.  If she likes it, she wants everyone to have it.  From favorite recipes to moisturizers to cheese, she loves to share the products that leave an impression on her.

I tend to stick to things for a long time. I'm faithful to my favorite products, so it's fun knowing that she's out trying new things and passing on the good stuff.

You know you are getting something good, when the sender has their own address stamp.  This is a sign that they get things in the mail without a whole lot of procrastination.  Gotta love that.

Let's see what we got this time.... Awe.... It's soap! And if I were wondering why she would send soap. She included a note with her top five reasons for loving the product.  1. It reminds her of our grandmother 2. It smells delicious 3. It makes her skin feel better.  4. It is a local company. Awe... and 5. It's organic.  OK Alchemy of Sol.  That has to be worth something.
 So if you are the adventurous type and you would like to try this soap with me, please visit the website and order some. Or leave a comment below and maybe my sister will send you a bar.


  1. I live in Nashville too, moved here last year from the ATL (in VA High) and will be on the lookout for this soap! I wonder if they have a booth at the flea market....hmmmmmmmm xoxo shel


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