A Journey Through Blogfest2011

A lot of you have been asking "How was New York?' Sorry it has taken me this long to post about this amazing event. The delay will make sense later.  As a side note though, if you ever attend Blogfest and I hope that you do, schedule a few days after to decompress.  You will need it.  

For me, Blogfest2011 was about inspiration, collaborations, and innovation.  It was my 1st blog conference so I didn't know what to expect. I was excited about the itinerary, but had no idea what the Kravet family had in store for us. Truth be told, I could not have imagined all the wonderful things we experienced at Blogfest2011.  Beth Green and her team poured their hearts into this event and you could definitely feel the love.

What surprised me more than the Kravet's attention to details (and they thought of EVERYTHING) was the relationships that were made in those 3 short days?  Many of you might not know this, but Beth Smith of CSD Blog  lost her mother a few days after the conference.  She has quickly become one of my dearest friends and I ask that you keep her in your prayers.  

Speaking of new friends, I have some people, I'd like for you to meet. We all shared the same experiences, but took away different memories. Because of that, I thought, it would be cool to introduce you to some of the bloggers in attendance. You will love seeing Blogfest2011 from their eyes.  I do have images and will release them in a later post, but for now, I’d like to take you on a little journey.

Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable. Click on the links and bookmark your favorite new blogs. You will learn to love these guys as much as I have. Now come along as I share with you Blogfest 2011! 

For Best  All Access Coverage
Stacey Bewkes Quintessence Blog
Amy Parrag Eye See Pretty
Roslyn Ashford Unexpected House Guest
Chassity Evans Look Linger Love
Deena Parham Urban By Design - Great Speaker Coverage
Amy Reeves Plain & Fancy Living
Raina Kattelson A Stylist's Life
Sarah Devaney- O' Neil Storibrookdesigns Open Studio

For Great Photo Coverage
Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25
Mae and Elise Here in This House
Manvi Hidalgo Mochatini

For Love Letters to Our Hosts
Austin Handler Designing the Hamptons - "Kravet Social Media Event  & Facility Tour"
Eric Miller Mpression "Kravet- Keeping it in the Family"
Mindy Miles Greenberg Encore Decor  "Kudos to Kravet"
"House Beautiful Opens it's Doors"
By Jennifer Duchene 
Details on the House Beautiful APP
By Melissa Hawks 

For Lessons From Blogfest2011
Lakeitha Duncan Home 23 Duncan Boys
Meredith Heron Meredith Heron/ Blog
Vanessa Francis Decor Happy - "The Joy, The Wisdom and The Pretty"

Dedicated to My New Best Friends
Krista Nye Schwartz Cloth & Kind "Kindred Spirit" Post
Lakeitha Duncan Home 23 Duncan Boys
Traci Zeller Tracie Zeller Blog "Blogfest Besties"
Chanee Vijay {me}longings

Best Coverage of Elle Decor Concept House
Chanee Vijay {Me}longings
Dane Caldwell 2HD Unleashed
Manvi Hidalgo Mochatini
Susan Cohan Miss Rumphius Rules

Best Use of Free Time
Cynthia Mason Hernandez - Kips Bay Show house Post
Abbe Fenimore - ICFF Furniture Show Coverage
Hilaire Pickett - Kips Bay Show house Post

For Coolest Color Coverage
Elizabeth Moyer Pretty Pink Tulips
Kate Van Geldern Domestikated
Marisa Marcantonio Style Beat
Tamara Matthews-Stephenson Nest By Tamara

For The Best of Barbara Barry
Carrie Leskowitz Carrie's Design Musings
Elizabeth Moyer Pretty Pink Tulips

The Making of A Great Book
Marisa Marantoni Style Beat 
"Blogfest 2011 Lee Jofa - Designer Vinettes"
Linda Merrill Surroundings
"Blogfest Traditional Home Presents the Heritage Collection"
Linda Pakravan A Design Snack
"Everything Old is New Again"

When All You Can Think About Is Food
Elizabeth Moyer Pretty Pink Tulips
(Pinkeggshell would be here if I were doing a different post!) 
The food was AMAZING!
Thanks Sub Zero and Wolf!

 For Other Random But Fun Stuff
The Loot - SWAG coverage Lisa Ehrlich Hamptones
SWAG coverage Beth D Smith CSD Blog
Scavenger Hunt Post - Carmen Christensen Time 2 Design
Scavenger Hunt Post Nyla Free Nyla Free Designs
Coverage of New York Design Center Hilaire Pickett Design Lines Ltd.

For More Blogfest2011 Images, Please Click Here.


  1. Thank you so much for the mention. The three days were an incredible experience! I enjoyed myself, met new people and learned from everything and everyone!

  2. Thanks for including me in your round up!

  3. I couldn't agree more with you about the need to decompress. It took me a while to get my first post up and I still have more to come. I'm honored and flattered that you included me in this post as well. Thank you for letting us know about Beth, that's terrible news, I'm sure your a great comfort to her.

  4. thanks for the lovely mention. it was so nice to meet you. wasnt it so fun?

  5. What a great post! I can imagine how long it took you to read, write and link. I'm going to read through a few posts that I missed. Thanks for including mine!

    It was so great to meet you and I'm glad we can stay in touch through twitter and our blogs.

  6. Looks like it was an absolutely fabulous trip! The photos are beautiful. Wish that I could have made it this year, maybe next year.

  7. hey there - thanks for the post and link! i still need to sit down and write up day 2 - whew things just got busy when i returned! but i will knock it out this weekend!

    hope we can hang out soon!

  8. Thank you for the mention! What a great idea for a blog post you smart lady. Wish we could get together for a cocktail or two again and catch up!


  9. Thanks for including a link to my post! It was such a great experience, I can't wait to go back and read the posts I missed! Take care,


  10. Dear Kimberly, what a fabulous post, and what a gracious hostess you are. I cant wait to curl up and read all the blogs I missed.It was a joy to meet in person. Thanks for including me in your line up (I am honored) and yes blogfest 2011 was a time to remember. Still have posts waiting in my head queue....

    Jennifer Duchene

  11. Anonymous13 June, 2011

    Thank you for including me and thank you for the mention about my mom, I really do appreciate all your love and support! Love you!


    Beth of CSD Blog


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