Million Dollar Decorators

Janice Palmer, Joan Goodwin, Vickie Carter and I all woke up with the same idea Friday morning…to check out the cast of Bravo's new Million Dollar Decorator series this weekend.  Little did any of us know that we would not only meet some of LA's most amazing decorators, but some of Atlanta’s decorating royalty as well.  With Design Week at ADAC and the final week of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Decorators’ Show House, Atlanta was jumping with interior design excitement.  If you are reading this blog, you know that I am a huge fan of originality and creativity.  So imagine if you can, being surrounded for two days by some of the most creative and innovative designers in the business.  My heart still goes into palpitations at the mere thought of it!  There were names present that you know like Suzanne Kasler and some that you will come to know and love like Melanie Turner. 

I was there with Janice, Joan and Vickie to celebrate the African American Top 20.  They each individually represent 20+ years in the design industry and numerous million dollar projects.  With 9 years in - I'm the new kid.  That sounds funny, but it was really great to be in such amazing company. There were laughs, stories, and so much encouragement.  It was perfect!  I still vividly remember my first million dollar home project.  It was a gorgeous estate well over 7,000 square feet, nestled right in the heart of Houston in the uber exclusive Historic Bellaire enclave community.  The homeowner was so supportive and receptive to my plan for his home.  He was such a delight to work with and the entire project turned out great!  There were a few hiccups of course - he was allergic to goose down and I still chuckle at the trouble I went through changing out all the cushions and pillows in his house.  

Looking back, I credit that project with allowing me to spread my design wings and to blossom as a true professional.  As I gaze into my future, I am extremely hopeful and tremendously excited.  I believe with all my heart that my best is yet to come…and I am so looking forward to the journey.


  1. I that story about the down pillows/cushions Kimberly ~ too funny!


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