Just In Time For Summer - Trina Turk

Design ADAC is in full swing.  It's such a fun time of the year, a time when we can climb from under our projects and other obligations to get ideas and inspirations from our colleagues and other industry greats.  This year's events are hosted by Veranda Magazine and have already received rave reviews from its attendees.  I'm home this week with the baby, but have been keeping up with the goings on via twitter and Facebook.  Lucky for us, there are some great presentations scheduled after her doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  One of which is a conversation with Trina Turk about the relationship between fashion and interior design. This is a topic that we love hereRu at Kimberly and Cameron because it serves as a great jumping off point for many projects.  We often say that we want people to feel as comfortable in their homes as they do in their favorite pair of jeans.  We'll update you on Facebook after the event.  If you get a chance come out and say hello. Until then, live fashionably!

1. Tourquoise Ring 2. French Lace Tunic 3. Rumper and 4. Cayman Sunglasses in Gray

Thursday May 5th 
11am - Noon

Fabric samples from Trina Turks Line for Schumacher


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