Give Me More - Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was on Oprah today and I must say, she is always impeccably dressed. She has an effortless chic style that is so inspiring.   I started to write about her after she wore that amazing Alexander McQueen Dress to the State Dinner (image 1) but didn't. After seeing her again today, I couldn't let the moment  pass . She makes looking good seem so easy! As I previously posted, we talk about Michelle all the time around here.  She is a serious force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. I now understand why so there were so many conversations about Jackie Kennedy's style.  Great Style, effortless style is rare.  So rare in fact, you can't help but talk about it when we see it.  So give me more Michelle Obama.  She's just the inspiration I need to dress a little nicer and be a little more darig with my wardrobe. 


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