Vicente Wolf is Coming to Town

copyright 2008 by Vicente Wolf | VW Home
Vicente Wolf is everywhere!   From Rue Magazine to Selling New York, if it's hot and of the moment, he's there. Veteran designers of his caliber normally, don't do online magazines or reality shows.  It's his unique ability to be in the mix of what's new, yet firmly grounded in tradition that makes him such a relevant figure in the interior design world.  His design blog is extremely popular with novice and professionals alike.  He has done an amazing job of allowing us into his world with his "At Home", "Behind the Scenes" and" Interior Design Business" sections. We live in a world, where any one with graphic design skills, a scanner  and a little time on their hands can come off as a design expert. With all the creatively designed blogs, it's sometimes hard to tell who really knows what they are talking about.

...In walks Vicente. He has both the life and business experience to answer all your questions. Whether you are the home owner or the design professional, he unselfishly offers insight on creating the ideal home.   He has been featured in countless shelter publications and dishes out real advice on everything from setting a professional rate to setting a table.

Copyright 2008 by Vicente Wolf | VWHome

Copywright 2008 By Vicente Wolf | VW Home
Vicente will be in Atlanta on April 13 from noon to 2pm .  Lucky Us!  He will be at the America's Mart for a chat and book signing.  It has been five years since he has visited Atlanta, so RSVP now and expect to arrive early.  This event will surely sell out quickly! I will be feverishly making my way to the front of the line with my book and Mont Blanc in hand, so watch out!


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