Room Service Atlanta... Bringing the Vision to Life!

Inside one of the 12 rooms being made over for the Nicholas House Shelter by the Room Service Crew!
Deserving Design Delivered!
We're off!  Today we started working on our room makeover at the Nicholas House Shelter.  The designers from Room Service Atlanta were there working away when we arrived.  The energy was so positive at the site and it's a good thing because we arrived bearing bad news about our title sponsor.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we would not be getting a cash donation that we were so hoping for.  In moments like this, I tend to not fret (well not much anyway) because it forces us to get creative and dig deep. 
So, as of today, right now actually, we are changing things up and taking our room in a new direction.  Many of the items that we originally had on the list to buy will now have to be replaced with "found" or donated items.  Think we can pull it off?  Let's hope for the sake of the families that will use this space as a rest stop as they rebuild their lives that we do.  We'll have pictures on Friday.  Stay tuned to see how things unfold as we work our magic!

Click Here to Follow this project and to see after photos of the space.


  1. Where there's a will there's a way. Good luck with the project. Sorry to hear about the sponsor.

  2. I was there helping out Dayka yesterday! I had a great time and am so excited about the project. I'm sure your room will turn out to be fabulous despite the circumstances!

  3. Thanks Ladies!
    I think we can do it!


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