Romantic Bedding from Beyonce' and the House of Dereon

Need to put some romance back into your bedroom?  Well once you try one of these dreamy bedding collections from Beyonce' and House of Dereon, your heart will be all a-flutter once again. The collections are cleverly named after her number one love songs, like “Dangerously In Love", "Diva" and "Sweet Dreams”.  Each look and touch invokes visions of luxury and makes you want to just snuggle right into them and never come up for air.  So break out the Rose' champagne and fill the tub up with bubbles.  Absolutely everything about this collection just flat out whispers L-O-V-E!  I wonder which one she and Jay-Z sleep under.  Hmm...
Find this amazing bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond.
"Dangerously In Love Bedding"


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