Pink Petition #0003 Why Not Stay Home?

 Corsica sofa and Chair.
As the mother, sister, aunt, niece, friend and an all around social butterfly, I get invited to lots of parties and family celebrations. I love a good family get-together. In fact, of all the memories of my childhood, having friends and family over for impromptue gathering is by far my favorite. Recently, I was at a Chuck E Cheese for a birthday celebration and thought to myself, "boy this would have been better in their backyard.”  Besides the cost and time constraints, it just seemed kind of generic. The kids had fun. They’re kids, they will always have fun, but the adults seemed distracted and disconnected. I think what was missing was the adult interaction with the success of the party. You know, the people in the kitchen sending trays out to the person on the grill who is also blowing up the ballons and wrestling with the dogIt’s what I love about home. For me, in recent years, I feel that there has been a disconnect with the home and its inhabitants. Home for me is a place of healing. It's more than just a place where you store your stuff and sleep. It's where you make the memories that you will charish for the rest of your life. Your home should chronicle the evolution of your life. From the time you changed the office into a nursery to the time you added an additon for your ever growing family to creating a room for a parent who now has to spend their final days with you. It's home. This week's pink petition asks, "What will it take to get you to stay and play at home? Is there a project you need to finish or a room that you to put together? Whatever it is, we want to hear about it and help you with it.  Join us tomorrow at noon as we explore ways to make your home celebration ready.


  1. This is my first time reading your blog and I couldn't agree more! I love being at home. My husband and I are putting together final touches on purchasing our first home and I can't wait to move in and finally have a home that is MINE! I too have many memories from my childhood that were mostly at home. Either mine or my grandparent's. It's a wonderful place to be! Thanks for sharing!


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