Pink Petition #0002 What Makes You feel Fabulous?

Bedroom of Fashionista and Celebrity Stylist
This week's Pink Petition is right up my alley. It deals with all thigs fabulous. In fact, it asks the question "What Makes you Feel Fabalous?" Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I love fur.  I think that it's so chic and so glamorous.  I have vintage fur coats, fur collars and fur cuffs. If it's furry, I'm loving it.  In recent years, I've come across some amazing faux fur pieces that were simply to die for.  I love them too.  If you are wondering how I incorporate my love of furs into my home, just look around. I have fur pillows and throws to keep me feeling fab and warm durning those cold winter months.  So how about you? What makes you feel fabalous and how are you living with it in your home?


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