"Here's to the Good Life!"

I’ve had an amazing weekend The weather in Atlanta was perfect, my best friends were in town, and I finally had time to relax. YES!  As it turns out, I come up with the most fantastic ideas when I am relaxed and able to chat on and on about my projects, ideas, and future plans with people who love me and want the best for me.  We had the most amazing dinner at South City Kitchen located in Midtown!(Whether you're having the buttermilk fried catfish or their yummy sea scallops, it never gets old.) Then we popped over to Bar 11 for drinks and the final cherry on top of my day was that we shopped, shopped, shopped Every now and then, I stop and remind myself that I have a wonderful life.  So here’s a little thank you for the people with whom we shared a drink with over the weekend. “Here’s to the Good Life!  Cheers!”


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