Give Me More Glamour!

I am starting the revolution!  I am giving you permission!  I am setting you FREE!  I am giving you unexpected ways to turn your home into a place of glamour!  Together, we will say "No more" to straight lines and chrome finishes.  We will say "yes" to soft sexy colors and curves that don't stop.  Together, we will slowly take back our homes and here's how we're going to do it.

First of all,
let's create a plan that calls for a color change.  Do I dare say tone it down?  I know that "pops of color" are all the rage right now, but there's something to be said for a perfectly executed room that uses subtle colors.  Think softer variations of your favorite color.  It's not a return to beige, it's a return to glamour and what's glamorous...and dare I say, sexy.  It's doing things in a quiet, more subtle way.
Next, let's get rid of all the straight lines and sharp edges and replace them with some curves.  Curves in the bedroom.  Curves in the living room, curves in the bathroom.  Curves all around!  We want to create movement and nothing does that better than furniture with curves.  This round tufted ottoman is perfect for getting things moving.  It's a piece so striking that could stand on its own.  What makes it a winner is its shape.  So try it in a variety of colors if you'd like.  As long as it's round, you really can't lose.
go for the Gold!  Ok bronze, but whatever you do, please start moving away from silver, chrome, nickel or any other silvery finish.  It's just time.  The warm glow of a golden or copper finish is so glamorous!  Be deliberate in your search for these pieces.  It may be a little difficult right now, but while you wait for the rest of the marketplace to catch up, check out antique markets and high end retailers. They'll have the goods.

The first step of change is always the hardest one to take.  So say it with me now...Yes I can!  Yes I can!  Now go out there, make me proud and do it!


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