A Final Word On "Living With What You Love."

In the "Start With What You Love" post, I recommended  that you should start decorating your room around a fabric, rug or picture you couldn't imagine living without. Several readers were confused thinking that you should start with the large purchases like the sofa first.  Let me go ahead and clear things up a bit.  Think about your home as a large puzzle.  You would never dump the pieces of a puzzle out and try to assemble it without some sort of plan. When you put together a vision board or a folder of your ideas, you are giving yourself a picture of the finished project to go by.  Purchasing the large items first is smart, It's like assembling the edges before tackling the middle.  This is a strategy.  The inspiration is the guide. So lets say you did choose a one of a kind area rug. It is easier to choose an upholstery fabric for the sofa that works well with the area rug, than it is to purchase a sofa in a strange color and try to find an area rug. Just remember, the inspiration item dictates the mood and often color scheme of the house. Choose it with your heart and all the other decisions will become much easier.

Cole and Son Classic wallpaper - The Phoenix available at the Lee Jofa Showroom
I love this Phoenix wallpaper by Cole and Son! I have gone into the Lee Jofa showroom several times and bothered the sales team about its details. There are no samples available as the paper would have to be custom ordered.  I know that some of you might not get it, but I love it. It reminds me of the story of the  Phoenix rising. It has an emotional pull on me, so I want to live with it.

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