Betsy Burnham is Having Fun!

Image Besty Burnham
Image Betsy Burnham via House Beautiful
This is kind of about Betsy Burnham, but not really.  It’s about how she’s one of the ladies who I think lives a life that’s authentic and cool.  When I look at her designs, I truly believe she's having fun.  I get a feeling that she's well aware of the rules and that's about it.  You know, as I continue to encourage you to embrace your style and live in that style, I want to introduce you to people who are just as fierce as you are.  People who have fully embraced their creative side and trust that inner voice that says "There's something about that chair."  
 If you need to know more about her formal training, visit her website  However, this isn’t about the formalities.  This is about identifying interior design style icons that you can count on as much as you can Louis Vuitton or Prada.  It's about getting comfortable with great design that is fashion-forward and not at all stuffy.  I want you to swear by your personal style and find it impossible to continue to live in a beige box.  I want your friends to walk into your home and know with certainty that you are having a great time in life!  So here’s to living la vida loca!


  1. I am still searching for my style. One minute I like the Hamptons, the next minute I want eclectic, but not too far out, then a second later I like the natural out doorsy theme, not the log cabin look, but sophisticated elements of nature with natural stones, dark woods, trees, ferns and chestnuts. So at this point, I don't know what it is going to take for me to focus on what will make me happy. I don't want to necessarily mix all 3 elements. I don't want to end up hodge-podgey. What can you suggest i d do to actually define my style? is there a designers questionnaire?


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