Bar Stocking 101

I have a bar in my home...don’t most women?  
You see, I have a fully stocked bar with numerous beverage options for every type of visitor who comes over.  At one point in time I used to keep my liquor under the sink completely out of view, like I was hiding it from some one.  I certainly didn't have it proudly displayed in my home like every single guy that I know.  As I've become older and hopefully wiser, I’ve realized that the best place for things is right out in the open.  Well, as out in the open as I can tolerate as an overly organized, slightly neurotic neat freak.  But I digress…Anyway, as I reflect on my weekend a little more, (boy did we have fun) I thought about the need to have a stocked bar.  Throughout the weekend, several friends stopped by for drinks.  In my world, this happens a lot since I live in the city.  All of my friends can easily drop in pre-club and have sip of wine...or in the case of the birthday girls this weekend, pop a bottle of Moet.
Kenton Bar Cabinet 799.00

I wanted to locate a bar that would fit seamlessly into my existing d├ęcor and space.  As I was looking for bars online, I stumbled across a nice selection at  I was really impressed with the variety and feel that any of the ones that I have chosen to feature today, can be cleverly disguised as a plain cabinet simply by hanging a piece of art over it and adding a lamp.
Marin Bar Cabinet 999.00
You'll find that stocking this bar (just like every other aspect of your design process) will be a very unique and personal endeavor.  I, for instance, drink vodka and tonic as my personal beverage of choice.  So you see, I’m simple, but I like to offer my guests vodka martinis in order to spice things up a bit for them.  I have friends who likes wine and others who prefer champagne.  The men, nine times out of ten, prefer a whiskey or cognac.  Keep in mind, there’s no wrong way to do this.  Mix and match your offerings to the preferences of your most frequent guest.  That way, you know at least two people in the room will be and them.  Salud!


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