Start With Something You Love!

Hey Eria, This one is for You!
There is one piece of advice I give freely to everyone seeking to decorate their home. That is, to start with something you love.  Just image with me for a moment.  You come across a piece of fabric that you are naturally drawn to.  Your body responds to the print, the color or the texture. You decide that you want it; simply because you like it. It might be your favorite color or a combination of colors that you haven't seen before. There's just something about it.  Not only do you feel good about finding it, you want to posses it.  You purchase it with no consideration of price.  You are so excited- you tell anyone who will listen about the fabric that you've come across. 
THIS is what you should build your room around. 

Eria, I know that you purchased the sofa first in consideration of comfort. Here is a little inspiration to help you pull the room together. These are a few items that I think you should consider.
I've been around you long enough to know they are things you will love.  
Good Luck!
1.festival rug in gold | $68.00 - $1098.00 2. Carly chair with Anjou Yellow Frame 
3. Solid silk hand loomed pillow covers in dandelion 34.00 4. Zanzibar pillow cover 5. lounge sofa 6.  sea fan 299.00 7. Zanzibar pillow cover


  1. Wow! I really needed to hear that. Decorate for myself and go with the things that I LOVE. I love all the colors and accessories you posted today. Amazing how you hit the nail on the head with the colors and patterns that are based on my personality without me telling you and you elevated my style with more sophistication and flair. I am thoroughly impressed, but certainly not surprised. Your designs are very soulful, meaning that it strikes the emotions within. That is why I consider you the Tyler Perry of interior designs. Keep doing what you are doing because you are truly a star in home interior design. How magical!

  2. Oh... she also tweeted a lamp to go with the look. You should heck it out

  3. Oh. Thank you! Just trust your instincts! It's your home and your style. I should feed your soul. I didn't encourage you to like those things, you naturally responded to them. THAT's what your home should do. Nourish you emotionally!

  4. I didn't realize that Anthropolgie carried home rugs. Aria wants her room to have the Anthropolgie decor. The natural tufted headboard from westelm is a great start.

  5. Yea! They have all kinds of cool products. It's really refreshing actually. I love that their items fit into transitional spaces as well as modern ones.

  6. these are great accents that will complement well!!! i will definitely head to west elm and anthropologie as i am looking to upgrade my existing sofa by adding accents via pillows or new fabric. thanks!

  7. I was very concerned how I was going to pull the cream colored lounge sofa above with two side chairs in a charcoal grey, but now I see clearly how soothing these colors are together and I have many more options than I originally thought. I know that separately cream is neutral and grey or charcoal is the new neutral, but would you also classify charcoal & cream together neutral? Or am I limited except my a few other colors besides the ones you show above? Would I have room for excitement and pizzaz if ever in the mood? Oh, and by the way, the side chairs are from the lenox collection at crate and barrel. Thanks again for your advise, because as you know, I was having buyers remorse, but you truly placed me on the right track.

  8. The pizzaz comes from your life. This can't be purchased. It's the art you choose or the family photos you display. It's all the accessories that only you can select and claim as your own! Design is a process and the best homes evolve over time. Don't let your desire to have it all right away, stop you from moving forward. Your space should have layers. Consider the above recommendations as the first level. Good luck

  9. Great advice. Love the accents. At first glance I thought the pattern was too much, but it really works well. Thanks.


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