Sofa Selecting 101

Azure Sofa Crateandbarrel
When you start to look at different sofas, you'll wonder why some sofas cost considerably more than others. Once you take a step closer, the difference in price can be seen, not only in the fabric, but in the more important underlying construction.
What to look for:
1. Eight-way  hand tied ( It's not an outdated request if you expect your sofa to last several decades.)
2. If eight-way hand tied is not available, try a sofa with no-sag coils.
3. Kiln- dried hardwood frames. (important because frames improperly dried have the potential to bend or warp.
4. Frame construction.  It should be screwed and not glued.
5. Proper padding.  Check all the areas subject to excessive wear and tear for proper padding. Expect this extra padding on the arms, and on the front edge of the sofa.
6. Speaking of padding, the cushions (seat and back) should consist of a foam core  with down feathers.
Parker Sofa by Thayer Coggin
7. Finally, choose options that will make the sofa uniquely you.  Things like the style of the arms, the skirt or legs and the cushions can be tailored to fit you perfectly.

Happy Hunting. Uplaod an image of your sofa to our facebook page. Let us know why you chose it and what makes it special.  We'd love to hear from you.


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