Me, Wanda and Kristin

Kristin Bag, as seen on 1st Look
Kimberly, "yes"- This is Wanda. "Oh hey, what's up? " Have you seen the new Kristin Collection at Coach? "No."  Meet me in the lobby in five minutes.

And with that, I was rushed to Lenox mall to view the new Kristin collection 1st hand. I love my friends for things like this. Right when, I'm swamped with work and can't browse my favorite sites, they keep me in the fashion loop.  If that impromptu trip to the mall wasn't enough, today she sent me these images from and informed me that Halle Berry was recently spotted carrying the bag in black.  It seems the whole world is buzzing about these bags. What do you think? Is it a must have?
Kristin Bag, as seen on 1st Look
Linen and Python


  1. It is a very Beautiful Bag!!!

  2. Hi,
    Love your blog!I'll be sure to check out your awesome design suggestions, as I can't get enough of Designs of the Interior kind, lol.


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