Will Work For Fashion!

I need a new job - project - assignment anything, just to buy clothes. I have been working to rebuild my wardrobe for the past few months. It started out as small purchases here and there to replace some basics. Now I realize it's going to take a lot of money to replace the things I've lost to moths, outgrown, lost or given away.  Most recently-  an encounter with moths claimed a little over 60% of the things in my wardrobe. UGHHHHHH! Despite the cedar chips, moth balls and insect spray, I was unable to save my vintage Ts or cashmere sweaters from disaster. As I stood in the store over the weekend trying on all kinds of new frocks, I thought,  "This might be a good thing"- until, I noticed the total! At that moment, I realized that I'd have come up with a better plan to tackle my newest closet dilemma. 
I'm not joking.  I've decided that I will earmark money from my next project for the purpose of buying  new clothes.  I want - I mean need so many things. If you know anyone who is in need of a fabulous designer and is willing to pay in Neiman or Saks gift cards, please send them my way.  


  1. Anika Robertson22 March, 2011

    I will work for fashion too! Need wedges and butterly tops like the one above. I saw a cute one on the Anthropologie site. It's cheaper at $88. :-)

  2. I so need new spring clothes.

  3. Anika, I'd love to see it. Send over the link.


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