Got Personal Style? Use It!

Image: Shala Monroque via Vogue Best Dressed Edition
Your home should be original, Just like you. When you learn to live with the things that you love, you will find the freedom to be yourself.  I know that it is easy for many of us to become slaves to fashion and the expectations of others.  This makes it difficult to exercise the freedoms of choice and create unique environments.  Don't fall for it.  Your things- furnishings, collections, and accessories- are a unique combination that represents all that YOU are.  They represent your travels, your memories and your history.
With 24-7 online shopping and millions of blogs there's unlimited access to products and information. This means there's no need for the status quo.  I've noticed an explosion in creative dressing  and can't wait for it to bleed over into living spaces.   I would love to feature your projects here on my blog.  The world needs creativity.  So show us what you've got.


  1. Do you know who this necklace is by? I love it

  2. Girl, No. I can never pin point where her things come from. That's why she's so good.


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