Curtain Call

I love Anthropology. I am so excited because they have opened a new store right around the corner from my home.  I was in over the weekend looking for a dress and found myself caught up in their window dressing department.  {Secretly, I love that they call them curtains. It reminds me of Mississippi. I've come to call them window panels, but love the southern reference.} Anyway, since many of you might not think of Anthropology when  decorating, I thought I'd share some of my favorite curtains with you.  I like starting a project with a fabric that I love. You could use the colors in the panels as the starting point for your color scheme.   The possibilities are endless. Try them out and let me how your space turns out.

1. Ikat Rose Curtain 138.00 - 198.00
2. Buttonwood Curtains 208.00 - 268.00
3. Scattered Chevron Curtain 108.00 -168.00


  1. ahhh, i love all of those..

  2. Now that the store is around the corner, I'm there all the time. So many cool things for cool people. Love the alternative to the graphic panels that have flooded the market lately.


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