Through the Snow!

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After watching the weather all weekend and hearing the terrible forecast for the city, I decided to throw caution to the wind and travel to New York City for a project. True, they’ve had their share of extreme weather, but this week I was ready for a taste of real winter. Even leading up to the time was to depart, I was putting the finishing touches on a assignment where the homeowner was to return to a renovated unit that he had been waiting to move into for weeks. I finished up, threw a few things in a bag, and headed for the airport.  

Immediately upon my arrival, I could feel the energy of the Apple.  I was instantly happy that I made the trip. It was great to see that the city was jumping and full of activity and that the snow had not slowed them down!  Way to go New York!  Thanks for setting the pace.  I can't wait to get going tomorrow! 


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