Now Serving, Dinner for Two

Vera Wang for Wedgwood "Ikat"
$13.00 - $185.00

I have really been impressed how the men in my life have started to embrace their improved lifestyles in a big way.  I've recently had the opportunity to spend time with several guys from my past who are thriving in their lives right now.  I am impressed with the growth and notice it in everything—from the suits they now wear to the vintage bar ware they use to store their bourbon.  They’ve gone from rugged to sophisticated and smart.  I visited one of my friends in HarlemNew York and felt that I had entered a true gentleman's quarters. Gone were the baseball caps and baggy jeans that I was accustomed to seeing him in.  Everything was smooth and sexy. By the end of the evening, I felt inspired to reintroduce myself to the art of being a woman. To, as Justin Timberlake famously said, “bring sexy back.”  

As I was thinking of a place to begin, I immediately thought about dinner for two and how every woman should know how to not only cook up a great dish, but to serve it in style.  In considering the modern woman, I switched out my traditional place settings that might scare many of us away and opted for a less formal arrangement with whimsical place settings. What have you done to “amp up” your space? Share your ideas with us.

Missoni "Margarita"
$45.00 - $435.00

Waterford "Halo"
$15.00 - $185.00

Vera Wang for Wedgwood " Glisse"
$13.00 - $199.00
Missoni "Tropical"
$44.00 - $430.00              

There is a brilliant website called that sells individual pieces from thousands of place settings. I love the site. It's perfect for locating pieces from new and discontinued patterns. This site can be especially helpful for those of you who collect vintage place settings. So, go ahead and use the good stuff, if something happens you are easily purchase a replacement.

Learn more about setting the perfect table at


  1. Thank you for replacements website. I always wonder how table setting should be done.


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