Living with Baby

My mother will have my baby for the next few days while I paint and redecorate my condo.  I miss her already.  Things just don't seem right without having her underfoot.  Today I spent my entire lunch  flipping through pictures of her. On Monday, I will start redecorating my condo and making it baby friendly. I hadn't planned on doing this until next year,  but the baby won't wait. As you can see, she's already getting into everything.  
Many of you who've read my previous post about living with children can now scream a loud "Told You so!"  It's ok.  I get it.  I will still do my best to make it stylish, understanding that there will be some compromises.  For instance, I ordered a sectional so that we can curl up and watch videos.  I know,  something that I would have never considered BC. Life's different now for sure. I am loving it so much that  I don't mind making a few changes in my furniture style 
Or where I place my plants :)


  1. Aww that vase...toddler tragedy! Excited to see what you come up with to accommodate little lady.

  2. Nice that the baby did not hurt when that vase fall. Great view outside of the condo.

    Deirdre G


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