Jonathan Adler, Fun New Collection- Fun New Stores


I just returned from a weekend trip to Philadelphia where I had a blast visiting old college friends and exploring the city.  While there, I made sure I checked out Jonathan Adler’s newest home d├ęcor store on North 3rd street.  I have two words:  Happy Chic.  Adler is a potter and interior designer, turned retail tycoon whose unique style is loaded with vibrant colors and eccentric pieces.   I love his one-of-a-kind Capuchine pottery collection – everything about their shape and design radiates happy chic.  Priced from $95 to $295, these pieces are simply fabulous!Be sure to check out the grand opening of Jonathan Adler’s 3000 square foot store in Atlanta’s Westside Urban market next month!
Happy Decorating!

A. Nicole MossInterior Designer, FAAB Inc.


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