Dream a Big Dream

Ballet Performance at Next Cool Thing Event. Photography by Shane Durant

Last month we participated with the Next Cool Thing event.  Even though I was there from the beginning, I had no idea, just how big the vision was until the night of the event.  I was blown away at the execution of such an extravagant affair.  As I walked through the venue marveling at the exhibitors, people and overall execution,  I thought to myself " This is what it's like to dream a big dream." 
Since that evening, I have been busy pushing my own dreams to higher heights.  Now that I am in motion, and feel the effects of limited sleep, I have a new found respect for those who accomplish amazing things. 
Today, Wanda Barrett (Shout Out) and I worked on a project (sowed a seed) that we can only hope will bring us closer to realizing our dreams. I now know that it's a million of these little acts that will ultimately get us to our destination.  So, if you are out there dreaming big dreams, know that you are not alone.  Everyday, we are also taking chances, making sacrifices and loosing sleep, in the pursuit of our dreams as well. Good Luck! I can't wait to see your visions come to life!


  1. Kimberly, yesterday was a great day at Paragon your Salon!!! Thanks to you and your assistant Emily I can add two more Before and Afters pictures to my new website coming soon. I have to say, The Next Cool Thing event was the beginning to many more successful projects I see you being a part of. And your Catch Me If You Can layout was hands down the BEST!!!!


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