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andrea desk
One of the most fascinating highlights of my trip to New York was the time spent at the new Bungalow 5 showroom. I brought my friend and fellow designer, Joan Goodwin of Verandah Interiors because I was convinced it was the perfect place for her to gather ideas since she was revamping her image and looking to introduce new products to the South Carolina design market. After stumbling upon Bungalow 5 at the Pier during the NYIGF earlier in the week, we were sure that we would take time out to visit the showroom before departing the city. On the chilly afternoon that we arrived at the showroom, we were greeted at the door by the most courteous staff. They immediately took our coats and handed us an espresso to warm up with. I was immediately drawn in by the space. I could not help but to feel relaxed by the cool gray walls and simultaneously inspired by the generous use of wall coverings. 

taboret side table, frances AV cabinet, chloe mirror & pasadena lamps
So, here are the things that I love from the showroom. First, is the Frances AV Cabinet. I have to say that I actually love all the pieces in this collection because of the use of textured grasscloth. It makes the pieces stand out and take on a casual, yet elegant demure. This is also a new staple for my design presentations! 

cadiz lamp, jacqui 4-drawer  & hampton chair

I love Bungalow 5's use of color. This 4-drawer chest is done in spring green. It is also available in black, orange and red. The Harlow collection of accent tables come in such fun colors as turquoise high-gloss, grey high-gloss and taupe and white high-gloss finishes. If you are feeling more daring or just a little more open, try a piece from the Hourglass Table Collection. The finishes for this collection comes in light blue, red, orange, spring green and yellow! How's that for adding a pop of color?
alexa chair, lara console/ Vanity lamp; pasadena floor lamp 

oslo armchair, Niagra large 6-drawer, & Calista mirror 
Another obsession—sexy side chairs. Maybe it was the curved lines or perhaps the unique finishes and washes. Whatever it is, we are having a love affair with these chairs. If you know anything about me you know that I love chairs (read my 2009 post “Chairs and Shoes”). I just feel that you can never have enough cool chairs in your space. I have a serious crush on the Oslo armchair in limed oak. It's just fabulous!

brighton lamps
Lastly, Bungalow 5 has lamps, lamps and more lamps. If you are looking for a lamp to accent your room's d├ęcor, this is the ideal place. We were truly inspired by the number and color of lamps available here. Joan took home the Venice Antique Mirror with a gold leaf black lacquered lampshade lined in metallic gold. Look for it and the Brigitte 3-Drawer Side Table in black in her new portfolio.


  1. I am in love with ALL of the ABOVE!
    Phew....knocks me off my FEET!

  2. *swoon* at every one of the above photos!

  3. These are some fantastic pieces. I came across your blog, via the Blogfest2011 attendees list. I look forward to connecting with you and learning more about you and the many things you have to offer.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting


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