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I am so excited to be back at work! I wish that I could say I spent the downtime relaxing, but I did not.  As we were closing up the office, I thumbed through my 2010 agenda and noticed that I completed much last year.  I wasn't able to just close the doors behind, and  enter relaxation mode, because the agenda's pages and pages of marked-through checklists and notes were so inspiring. (Please note: I am old school. I do not use an electronic organizer exclusively yet.) I originally planned to go to my parents' house before the holidays, but instead stayed at my own home and engaged in a lot of activities that I would have normally missed out on.  Since I write everything down, I the agenda was used once more to detail some great events.  The point? Despite the fact that my life is extremely full, it feels calm and manageable because I pencil everything down.  I get a lot of compliments about my organizational skills so I decided to share with you my favorite planner and how I make it personal.
For the past five six years, I have been using the At-A-Glance Triple View Organizer.  It offers a monthly calendar for overall planning, daily planning pages broken up in 30-minute increments, and small columns for to-do lists and quick references.

I use the pages in the front of my agenda for  mini vision boards.  I collect inspirational images and quotes and make collages on the unused pages.  I also sprinkle inspirational messages throughout the agenda and enjoy stumbling upon them throughout the year.  Having my vision board with me has been a great help.  It's amazing how many snippets from those pages have materialized in my life.  What do you see for your life in 2011? Is it written down?


  1. I feel like I'm the only one that still uses these! I love At-A-Glance just because I need to see where I need to be/what I need to be doing on paper in front of me. I haven't picked one up yet but I love your idea of mini-vision boards, I need that! Great idea

  2. I just tweeted about this yesterday! I love my old school planner. I have misplaced it. But I'm buying a new one today! I just can't commit to using a virtual one right now. I like how you have the vision board in the front.

  3. Wanda Barrett06 January, 2011

    I, Love it Kimberly. I also write things down, but your idea seems so much rewarding. And its the first thing on my list today to go and purchase one like you show here in the blog. Thank you for such great advice.

  4. Kimberly M.07 January, 2011

    Like you, I'm a writer so I've taken your advice and bought my new planner for 2011. YAY! While my Blackberry offers some cool electronic features, there's something comforting about seeing the plans for your day in your own handwriting. I love, love, love the idea of the vision boards located front and center & the inspirational messages throughout the planner because as we all have heard "what you think about you bring about"! Keep sharing your great ideas with us.


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