What Are Your True Colors?

Could this be a new starting point for your design palette? While att the book store yesterday, I came across a color book titled Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt. It has a really cute premise that I felt was dead on. It suggests that there is a perfect color for you depending on the day you were born. I was born in late November so my color is lavendar violet. The book recommends that I personalize my home and wardrobe with this color.  Since I already have shades of purple and pink on the walls of my condo, maybe there is some truth in this coincidence! Speaking of Pink, the 2011COLOR OF THE YEAR  is an energizing color called honeysuckle.  

This color is believed to lift spirits and impart confidence.  The folks at Pantone suggest embracing this color in your life if you want to meet life's ongoing challenges.
{Images and Information www.pantone.com}

Afraid of color? I say this is your year to make peace with color.  Take inspiration from your birthday or form a palette from what you see in a fabric, piece of art or area rug.  Use it in your home even in small doses to awaken the creative, organized, positive person that you are.  Below is an image of the office area in my condo. This is one of two accent walls that I painted Coming Up Roses by Sherwin Williams early last year.  

Once you have embraced the psychological importance of adding color to your life, go on over to Colourlovers.com and join the thousands of people from around the globe who are there creating and sharing colors, color palettes, and patterns.  You can find new and innovative color pallets for your home as well as hundreds of articles that focus on color.  Once you have selected a shade, you can even peruse thousands of stock photos that feature your hand picked hue for free.  I get the "Why Pink?" question a lot.  Now instead of responding with, "I just like it," I can proudly exclaim.  "Well, you know it coordinates with my birth month." Visit Colorulovers.com and check out my complete color palette for my space.  It is under user name pinkeggshell and the palette is 361 state street.  Be inspired!


  1. LOVE THIS! I think that I'm going to make this my book of the month to read.


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