Stay on top of it! ... with these select apps from Apple

The first application is the Color Snap app by Sherwin Williams. I use it to look at colors, especially when my clients call and ask " What do you think about ( insert color here).  This is easier to carry around than a traditional paint deck and has saved my clients from many design disasters
I absolutely love Lee Jofa and Kravet.  The were one of the first fabric companies to create an apple app.  This app is amazing because it allows you to browse thousands of fabric, wallpaper or trim swatches while sitting at the hair dresser. I start most of my projects with an inspiration fabrics, so this app is extremely valuable to me.

For Furniture, accessories and everything else, I use the One Kings Lane app. Just imagine having the world of furniture and decorative accessories in the palm of your hands.  You can search for anything from sofas to side tables.  I love browsing their book collection and checking out their unique collection of accessories.

Let's face it, fashion plays a huge roll in inspiring how we live and what we live with.  When my clients are having a hard time conveying their design style we almost always go to their closet for inspiration.  Having  a fashion magazine in the mix allows me to stay up on current trends, styes and colors.

My final app is the App.  My sister introduced me to last year and it has been a life saver. It is budgeting tool that tracks your spending as well as any other financial goal.  It is easy to use and definitely great to have in your pocket when you encounter those amazing boots on the sale rack at Neimans.

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