Next Cool Thing Event This Weekend!

It's time for the design event of the year.  If you haven't heard about The Next Cool Thing let me give you a little insight.  Barbara English, owner of To The Trade Only had an idea.  She wanted to create an opportunity where design professionals could showcase their talents for the ever-growing Georgia film industry.  The idea was brilliant— she would invite designers to create spaces inspired by their favorite movie, then invite movie industry professionals to come out and see just what Georgia has to offer.  For months, interior designers, contractors, furniture showrooms, art stores, lumber suppliers you name it, have been working behind the scenes to make this event come to life. (You can follow our booth design by clicking on the projects tab above and strolling down to the "Catch Me if You Can' rendering).

I was at the event space earlier in the week and I must say it is fabulous! You will be amazed at what has been done to transform this 90,000 square foot space.  It should come as no surprise that Atlanta has made such a strong showing, the best design talent in the city has been invited to participate.  The amount of care and attention to detail in some of these exhibits is second to none. They could easily compete with the movie sets being built in LA.  The event is open to the public this Saturday and Sunday only.  Tickets are available at the door or by visiting the ‘next cool thing’ website.  Grab your friends and your family and come out, as the atmosphere for Saturday will be fun and family-friendly.  Food trucks from all over the city will be there cooking up tasty treats.  Trust me—you won't want to miss this spectacular event!  


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