I’m so happy to see 2011!  In just two weeks, the New Year has already brought loads of excitement and new beginnings.  I’ve decided this is a great time to not only start fresh in my personal life, but also liven up my surroundings.  Research suggests that environment directly impacts our mood.  I can personally attest to this; whenever I re-decorate a dull room or even simply add a new pop of color, I automatically feel happier.  So, I’m convinced that we can color our moods in the New Year!  As most of us create our New Year resolutions and identify ways to refresh areas of our lives, why not create a happy space that can jumpstart and help maintain that mental boost? 

I’m redecorating and have settled on orange – its explosive and so much fun!  According to a university study, orange expresses energy and symbolizes balance, warmth, enthusiasm, and vibrancy.  This is perfect for my space!  In my search for cool orange FAAB Finds, I stumbled upon this beautiful zebra striped pillow at Pieces, a sophisticated Southern California-inspired boutique in Buckhead.  I love the color and funky pattern; it’s definitely a great start to my new happy space!

So bring in the New Year with energy and vibrancy!   Find the color that inspires you and infuse that positive energy into your space. 

Happy New Year!
-- A. Nicole Moss, FAAB Interior Designer


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