New Cool Thing - Tag Readers

We've noticed these 2-D barcodes popping up in our favorite magazines and decided to take a closer look. What we discovered is an application called Microsoft's  TAG Reader.  

Here are the details:  
Mobile tagging is a system that instantly connects you to more information that is available on the web. It is designed to be a shortcut to information. It allows you access without having you type in short codes or long URLS.

Simply use your phone to snap a tag {multi-colored 2D barcode} and it automatically opens a website, receives a message, dials a phone number or downloads contact information.

The app is free and available for your smart phone devices. It does use your data plan minutes so be aware if they are not included in your service plan.

Using the internet browser on your smartphone, enter
Once there, download the app to your phone.
Once installed, use your phone to scan any barcodes that you come across.

We noticed tags this month in Traditional Home and Luck Magazine.
After scanning some of the codes embedded inTraditional Home, we were taken to behind-the-scenes video of Mary Jurek Design, LA Closet Design, and Anna Bondoc paper artist.  It was quite impressive. There were smart tips and gourmet recipes. We were hooked.

Exploring with Tag Reader was a lot of fun. Try it the next time you're stuck in the airport or at the doctor's office.


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