White Hot Walls

When I can across this image, it immediately took me back to a project that I completed early in my career. My client had just purchased a three-story condo and brought me in to design the space. During that time many clients were requesting earth-toned color schemes, with a large percentage choosing some sort of beige as the main color for their home. I was surprised when this client chose to do his entire space with white as the main color.  I had been in a store before that  carries extremely contemporary furniture. The entire showroom is white. This frightened me; my first thought was- Oh no! Does he wants me to turn his fabulous space into a set from a music video.  I was relieved to be informed that he only wanted the walls to be white and not all of the furnishings. We decided on the classic color scheme of red and white with the occasional black accent. {View images of that project here}

I love this fresh take on that classic color scheme . In this room, the red was replaced with a modern shade of deep aqua. According to international interior designer,Kelly Hoppen, "Accent Color is the perfect way of changing the look of a room that is predominantly white." In her book, Kelly Hoppen Style, she goes on to say "navy blue, charcoal grey, bright red and burnt orange are all excellent accent color to offset pure white.  

Over the years, I have come across some really great white rooms. This was BB (before blogging) so I did not keep records of the images.  I would love to hear from you and see pictures of your favorite white rooms.


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