Shops We Love: Savvy Snoot

My friend Alison and I were in the West Midtown design district last week when we stumbled upon the showroom of the Savvy Snoot consignment shop. I am a huge fan of consignment shops because they serve a very necessary niche in the furniture and design community. I am sure we can all remember when we needed to sell a used piece of furniture or art that just didn’t fit into our home anymore. Many people who are downsizing find the services of furniture consignment shops very useful. When couples get married, they can combine furniture from their individual homes, consign the left over, and purchase the finishing pieces with the money. Consignment shops have been around for years, but what I love about the Savvy Snoot is the care that has gone into designing the showroom. The atmosphere in the showroom was still high-end shopping. They layouts were clever and creative and the vignettes inspiring.

I feel in love with these lamps and this artwork. Great stuff!
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When considering consignment, think enduring design. Consider high quality items that can continue to be used for years to come. Prices are normally set based on condition, so only submit gently used items for resale. If you have a brand or style that is really popular, consign! The demand for those items tends to be high which means your item could fly off the shelf.

Looking for a something new (pun intended)? You could still stop in. Consignment shops are a great place to also find period pieces such as lamps, antiques, and vintage dishes and glassware.
The Savvy Snoot is located at 1187 Howell Mill Road in Midtown and 30 North Main Street in Alpharetta.


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