Reasons to Love a Good Showhouse

Tonight, our team will be attending a meeting to discuss our involvement with a new show home in Midtown, Atlanta. Show homes are great because they offer a glimpse of what’s next in design. Designers and firms who participate in show houses usually take this unique opportunity to showcase spaces that are unique and aw inspiring. A few of my favorite show homes in the county are the Atlanta Showhouse, Dallas and Houston Homes and the Hampton's Showhouse in Sag Harbor. I lived in Houston for several years and feel that the homes in that part of the world are some of the largest and most magnificent spaces on the planet. Houston and Dallas put out some great spaces, but the Atlanta house and Hampton house really produce great, never seen before ideas. Above is an image of the library from an Atlanta Showhouse, which was done about 5 years ago. I love the use of drapery panels in the bookshelf. The color pallet is fresh and at the time very fashion forward. Gray is popular now thanks in part to designers introducing it to homeowners through show homes. Many thanks to the person in charge of covering those books! I appreciate the impact that the uniform white covers provide. For me, that's what show houses are about; creativity and the opportunity to do things in a different way. The second image is from the same showhouse and is another favorite. It's a non-traditional take on a media room. Isn't that jellybean area rug the most delicious surprise!


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  2. Didn't know that rug was jelly bean; SWEET!!


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