Stylish People, Stylish Homes- Meet Heather Polk

Name: Heather L. Polk
City: Atlanta Georgia
Occupation: Pharmacy Specialist, Jewelry Designer Stoned Jewelry
What inspires your decorating decisions? My desire to have a personal space that is filled with all the things that I love.
What is your favorite thing in your home? The prints and photography on the walls of my office. I collect prints of works by artist that I love. I am not at a stage in life where I can afford Jacob Lawrence or Romeare Bearden originals. Purchasing prints allows me to enjoy the art now and motivates me to save and invest to one day purchase the original.
Sit down dinner or house party? When you come to my house party you are always prepared to sit down for dinner. I love to cook so there's always a meal involved.
Who most influences your personal style? I'm not sure. No one thing or person inspires me. I know what works for me. I love dresses and feel that every woman should know which dress style fits her best. I know what works for my body type, I know what make-up accentuates my features, I know what I feel good in, I know what I feel sexy in and I know what I want to be seen in.
My Space has to be... Clean.
My Closet is... Under construction
Your Advice for living well. Pray about everything and worry about nothing. Keep the lord first. Eat right 85-90% of the time. Exercise regularly and pursue your interest.Remember, houses become homes when they are filled with the love and laughter form the people who flow in and out of them.
Side Note:
We feel in love with Heather's jewelry while photographing her space. The pieces are simply to die for. I have my eye on that lovely turquoise necklace, so don't be surprised if you see me rocking it some time soon. It's all handmade with precious stones. Look for her pieces on I Rock Stoned!


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