Design Is...Online!

Many of you are still working on your design projects even through the economy has forced you to either rethink the scope or budget of your projects. We hear from people daily who are doing what they can to make the most of their living spaces. You are learning to live in less space and rethinking that move to the big house. I love the less space idea because it forces you to think about how you really live and prioritize the usage of your space. We are hearing from more and more of you who are painting your bare walls and tackling do-it-yourself projects. Now more than every, there is a need for a guide for those of you who want smart decisions about decorating but don't want to spend a lot of money. Introducing Design Is Magazine. Design Is magazine was started last month by Designer Walt Ray. Walt has spent the last few years working to renovate historical homes and has learned a thing or two about creating lovely environments on a budget. Expect to learn tips for gardening and shopping as well as decorating. Follow the simple rules laid out in the magazine and make the most of your decorating budget. My favorite piece of advice... "Purchase the most expensive things that you can afford. It will last longer." The second issue of the magazine is now available online, so long on, bookmark the site, then subscribe. You'll use it more than you know.


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