The Fashion Foward Home of Bria Bass

What is your favorite childhood memory of home? Sitting around the fireplace. There was no TV. Just the spirit of family, good conversation, the soothing tunes of Billie Holiday and Duke Ellington, and the warmth of the hearth.

Name: BriaBass
Occupation: Wardrobe Stylist and Creative Director of Fashion for FAABInc
City: Atlanta, Georgia

What inspires your decorating decisions? Things that I love. I decorate around pieces that I fall in love with.
What's your favorite thing in your home? My electric blue bookcase. I love it because its blue. What’s better than a piece of blue furniture?
Sit down dinner or house party? Definitely house party. I’m into themed events. I would love to host a “Roaring 20’s Home Soiree”.
What influences your personal style? Beautifully constructed pieces, bright colors and fun patterns.
My space has to be colorful!
What is your go to home source/store? Crate and Barrel
My closet is messy.
Describe your next home project or purchase. I’m in the market for a fun accent chair.
Your advise for living well. Make your home your sanctuary. It should be where you feel most happy and at peace.

images courtesy of Faab Inc.


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