In design and In Life

When it comes to design, most people fall into two catogories. Either they like to change things around a lot or they like to stay the same. Basically, some people move their furniture around and change out decorative elements several times a year and some people leave them the same way for years. I got a phone call from one of my clients last weeks whose home I decorated about 6 years ago. He wanted to know where I purchased his bedding. He told me that he needed to get new sheets. I said "you mean to tell me that you haven't changed your sheets in 6 years." "No" he said. "The maid washes them and remakes the bed the exact way that you made it."

I would like to take credit for the design being so wonderful that he just couldn't bring himself to change it. The reality is that life gets busy. Life happens and before you know it, you are sleeping on 6 year old sheets. When purchasing items for your home keep this in mind. Only purchase quality pieces that you love for your home. That cheap dresser that you think is only temporary, will end up being that headache piece that you need to replace when you find time. More than likely, you'll lump it with a project like organizing an office or painting a room and end up living with it longer than you ever expected.

We become better people one action at a time. So today, think about your personality. Decide what type of person you are. Are you in a six year relationship with a temporary fix?


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